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The Huber Hof farm, the region of Merano and South Tyrol

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South Tyrol is worth the trip in any season, the same goes for the Huber Hof farm! Spring here starts earlier than elsewhere. The first flowers, the first warm rays of sun, twittering birds and fruit trees in full bloom announce that nature has woken up once again!
Summer here is also very lively, because you can only find the same hours of daylight in very few other places. Now is the best time to discover the very varied range of leisure activities our region has to offer: sports, food and wine, and culture.
When harvest time arrives in autumn, the entire region comes alive with an array of bright colours. It is also the best time to taste the goodness of freshly harvested produce! During the cold season, the whole of South Tyrol is naturally dedicated to winter sports. The picturesque landscapes, festive decorations and numerous beautiful Christmas markets are just waiting to be discovered!